Crimes Against Children

Safety Tips Alerts on Stranger Danger

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Safety Tips for Children
  1. Teach you child when faced with stranger Danger -- Yell, Kick, & Scream - This may seem obvious, but many children freeze when they are grabbed by strangers. Kidnappers want children to go along quietly. Yell- "This person is a stranger." "HELP This Person Is Not My Parent." Kick - kidnapper's foot, groin or knee. Scream loudly. Run as fast as you can away from the stranger when able to get loose, fight to get away.

    2. Area Code & Phone # - Make sure your child knows their area code and phone number. Does your child know how to make a collect call or dial 911 in case of an emergency? Teach your child not to give their phone number or address to strangers. To be able to call Police using 911 if they have been taken against their will. Remember the police would much rather deal with an accidental call, rather than not be able to find your child. If they are too young to remember the number teach them 911 in emergency.

    3. Buddy System - A child alone is an easy target. Encourage your children to use the buddy system and to watch out for each other all the time.

    4. Current Photos & Records - Get photos taken every 6 months of your children and keep a photo on your child foot prints and hand prints, don’t pay people for what is free, some people are unbelievable. Contact your police on Kiddy ID kits. As soon as we have the resources we will have them free for you. It is real important every six months to have updates. Fingerprints should be taken by a law enforcement, e.g. Sheriff's Dept. Copies of their dental and medical records are a must.

    5. Lure Tactics – Molester use "I have lost my puppy. Will you help me find him?" " I'll give you $10 if you'll help me put this in the car." "Your parents told me to pick you up." Parents, teach your children how to respond to these people. It is best to ignore them, avoid any conversation and run.

    6. Family Code Word - Parents, a code word is a lock and key for your child. Your Mom and Dad have been in a car wreck. You need come with me right now! Child: What is the code word? If they don't know it then child doesn't go with them. The child runs away from that person and tells whomever is responsible for them--
    Teacher or parent--what happened. Get a description of the perpetrator if possible to the police immediately.

    7. Separation Plan - Teach your children to go to a cashier or ticket booth if they are separated from you while at a mall, amusement park, or any place you travel in the public.

    Check Route to School - The route to school should be established by a parent and under no circumstances should the child deviate from that route. Avoid alleys, etc.
    Notify the School - Make sure the school will notify you if your child does not arrive at school. Let the Principal and teacher know who is authorized to pick up your child.

    9. Communication - Keep good communication lines open with your children.

    10. Neighbors - Organize a block watch and participate in a safe home program.

    11. C
    hild's Clothes - Make a mental note of what your child wears every day! Do not put your child's name on the outside of their clothing because it allows a stranger to become verbally intimate with your child. Put their name on inside of clothes.

    12. Education is a above all the best, please take time and talk to your child, don't scare them educate them. As we have more to share with you we will add to this page or send out Alerts.  


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If you have any information on any crimes having to do with Crimes Against Children Please Do Not Hesitate to call the FBI if you wish you do not have to report your name just please call if you know any information concerning a child.
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